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Product Care

Leather Care:
To keep your Mama Bear Sparkles & Shines genuine leather earrings  in excellent condition it is best to hang them or lay them flat for storage.
Store your jewelry outside of the bathroom and keep them clear of water, makeup or hair products. Your Mama Bear Sparkles & Shines accessories should be the last thing you put on when getting ready for the day.
If an earring gets bent it can be flattened with a barely warm iron by covering the earring with a towel or cloth and lightly steaming the leather part of the earring (avoid the hooks) to flatten.

Apparel Care:
Wash and dry garments inside out. 
Machine wash cold.
Preferably hang dry - or Dry on a low/tumble setting.
Do not iron directly on a heat transfer design/may be ironed from the back.
Do not dry clean or bleach.

Drinkware Care:
Handwash only.
Do not soak.
Not dishwasher safe.
Not microwave safe.